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General Conditions and use of the WEB

I.-Purpose, object and scope of application

These stipulations regulate the contracting of products and services offered and the advertising directed to its clients/users by Balneario Bienestar, a trademark of Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU, a commercial company that operates through the Internet from its website (www. offering its clients all kinds of spa products, massages and treatments as well as products for sale to the public and for everything that can be added in the future. These General Conditions also regulate the rights and obligations of the parties derived from the purchase and sale operations arranged between them.

The clauses that are listed below make up the framework contract that all users who access the WWW page are obliged to know and accept. For the sole purpose of these general conditions, the expression "user" includes any Internet user who accesses the website, either directly or from any other Internet site.

The services offered by Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU on this website will be governed by the conditions contained in this contract. Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SL reserves the right to modify, totally or partially, these general conditions, the new ones being agreed upon from the moment they are published on the page. In any case, the aforementioned modifications will not have retroactive effects on the goods or services previously contracted by the users.

These General Conditions bind both parties and form an integral and inseparable part of the contract of sale whose effectiveness operates at the time of signing the order at the request of the client, through the contracting mechanisms that will be specified later, all in accordance with the provisions of art. 1,255 of the Civil Code that includes the principle of the autonomy of the will and agreements between the contracting parties. For all purposes, it will be understood that the user accepts the conditions and rules of use listed here if they check the acceptance box of the conditions when carrying out the purchase process.

In order to fully guarantee the rights of consumers and users of Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SL, these General Conditions are established in accordance with the provisions of Spanish law, and in particular Law 7/98 of April 13 on General Conditions. of Contracting, Law 7/96 of January 15 on Retail Trade Regulation, Civil Code, Directive 2000/31 EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of June 8, Law 34/2002 of July 11 on company services of information and electronic commerce, Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the defense of Consumers and Users and other applicable laws and their development regulations.

II.-Identification and trade name of the offering company

Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU, with registered office at Avda. Cantabria 69 09006 Burgos, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Burgos, CIF Nº B-01876028, provides its electronic sales services over the Internet on its website

Your contact address is the e-mail

The address for the purposes of claims will correspond to the one indicated as the registered office of the company.

III.-Legal conditions for the Provision of the service and responsibility

Clarity and transparency in information:
Rehabilitation and Estética Burgalesa SLU in compliance with the provisions of art. 10 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, through its website and these General Conditions, enables permanent, easy, direct and free access by electronic means to the comprehensive information of its company name (data fiscal, registry, domicile and address of communications), as well as to the data of the client, of exclusive access to the same, that are in the possession of the company.

Likewise, in accordance with the aforementioned Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, it offers the client both pre-contractual information (see these General Conditions as well as additional information in the different sections of the website) and confirmation of the legally required information.

IV.-User/client access conditions

The user of the Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU website will have the right to free access to the public information contained therein, although Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU reserves the right to restrict access to information, promotions and special offers. to your registered customers.

Any user who accesses the website of Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU has the right to register as a customer, and may therefore take advantage of special offers for registered customers if they meet the specific conditions of the offer that are specified for each product. .

The public information contained on the Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU website referring to both the Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU company and the brands, products, logos,... of the wholesale companies and manufacturers of the products and services offered are protected by the legal provisions on intellectual and industrial property, so the copying, transmission, assignment, sale or use by the client/user other than the advertising purpose of their virtual publication that does not have the express consent of Rehabilitation and Aesthetics is not authorized. Burgalesa SLU of the manufacturer of the product or of the holder of trademarks and logos, under the terms provided in section XI on Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights.

User register:
The client/user prior to formalizing the purchase of any of the products offered by Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU must register their data and personal circumstances necessary for the formalization of the purchase contract (name and surname or company name, DNI/ NIF, address, email address, telephone/fax number).

The user can only contract and place orders if he is of legal age. Otherwise, the responsibility for placing orders by minors will be borne by the parents or legal guardians of the minor.

In order to place orders on the website, each client will provide their personal data to Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU voluntarily and under their responsibility.

All personal data provided by customers fraudulently or falsely may be considered as a crime of falsifying commercial documents.

Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU may offer the client a personal registration system through a personalized access code (login) and a password (password) to facilitate future purchase operations for the client. In this case, the client may designate the desired key and password at their discretion, as long as they are available or are not assigned to other clients. Codes or passwords with immoral, insulting, vexatious, discriminatory content or that contravene the provisions of the law will not be accepted, nor those with terms that allude to brands, products or denominations protected by the legal provisions on Intellectual Property, Industrial or contrary to the rights to privacy, honor and self-image.

The customer undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of his own access code and password. Rehabilitación y Estética Burgalesa SLU is exempt from any responsibility derived from incorrect use or negligence by the client in fulfilling their obligation of confidentiality of their access codes.

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